XXL Coop “Chloe +”


1800mm x 1150mm internal dimensions

The XXL Chloe coop is currently our largest coop, boasting an expansive internal floorspace for a large flock. With loads of perch and nesting space, and a huge side clean-out door, your girls will be in hen heaven and so will you!

Features include:

  • A 1800mm x 1150mm internal space
  • A tempered glass window so you can admire your girls without disturbing them
  • Two parallel full-length hardwood perches
  • 4 or 5 nesting boxes to suit either bantams or standard hens with a timber support strut to make cleaning and egg collection a breeze
  • A huge 1.5m long clean-out side door with dual barrel locks and a practical and stylish fastener to secure it in the open position
  • Hardwood entrance ramp
  • Side vents to ensure gentle internal air circulation
  • Option to fit an all-Australian made automatic door ($185.00) with a light sensor so you can enjoy the sleep-ins!
  • Decorative features throughout
  • Solid timber paling roof – snug in winter, cool in summer
  • Solid and durable 10mm thick hardwood wall panels and doors
  • Optional galvanised floor sheet ($140.00)
  • Optional deep-litter modification (+$280)


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