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My Cosy Coop Charming Timber Letterboxes

Welcome to My Cosy Coop’s letterbox page! Hand-crafted right here in Melbourne, our charming wooden letterboxes can bring warmth and character to your property while also providing you with a functional and long-lasting mailbox.

Built from eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed timber, our stunning and unique letterboxes can provide you with that desirable natural aesthetic while also minimising the adverse effects on the environment.

To ensure the longevity and sturdiness of your freestanding letterbox, our friendly team can install it for you as well!

Letterboxes Made for You

Letterboxes MelbourneYou can choose from our standard models, or you can call our designers to discuss any modifications you’d like to see. Much like our chicken coops, all aspects of our letterboxes can be completely customised to suit your specific needs.

Made to last and crafted from attractive hardwood, our standard Cosy letterbox comes in two functional sizes:

Small Box: L 400mm W 300mm ($580)

Large Box: L 640mm W 480mm ($690)

Other standard features include:

  • Hardwood wall panels and a robust paling roof
  • A tough yellow tongue floor
  • Separate letter slot and large door for parcels
  • An attractive ceramic handle and a timber opening latch
  • In-ground and cemented double post support for the large box and a single post for the small one 
  • Customisable height

Installation Requests

If you would like your Cosy letterbox to be installed where your old letterbox is, you can either remove the old one first, including any foundations and supports, or have us do that for you on the day of installation.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to pay an additional fee for us to remove your old letterbox. As such, please let us know of your requirements when placing your order.

Melbourne’s Best Chicken Coop Supplier

If you’re a poultry-keeper and you want quality chicken coops to match your charming letterbox, explore our range of poultry-keeping items today!  Designed with passion and meticulously crafted, our products are certainly some of the best in Australia. Here are just some of the other items that My Cosy Coop has for sale:

For more information, please get in touch with us by calling our team at 0410 206 054.