My Cosy Letterbox


Small Box: L 400mm W 300mm ($580)
Large Box: L 640mm W 480mm ($690)

Installment Requirements
If you would like your Cosy Letterbox to be located where your old letterbox is, you can either remove the old one first (including any foundations and supports) or have us do that for you on the day of installation. There is a fee if we remove your old letterbox, so let us know when placing your order!

Whether it’s chickens that light you up or not, you and your hood will surely be impressed by our new Cosy Letterbox!  Made to last, and crafted from attractive hardwoods, the Cosy Letterbox comes in two functional sizes!

Features include:

  • Hardwood wall panels and a robust paling roof
  • A tough yellow tongue floor
  • Separate letter slot and large door for parcels
  • An attractive ceramic handle and cool timber opening latch
  • In-ground and cemented double post support for the large box, single for the small
  • Customizable height


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