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Home » Runs & Fences

Runs & Fences

Please note that all of our runs and chicken coop fences for your yard are able to be customized to your requirements. Below are a few examples of design options for both, but you are able to order the length you need for ANY of our coops or chicken fencing.

The runs that attach to our chicken coops include the covered under-house area, plus a choice of external lengths connected to the house. Lengths of these external sections are typically either .75m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m. Standard height is 75cm by 84cm wide.

Chicken enclosure fencing usually ranges from 1.2m high to 1.8m high, and include a gate. Posts are either timber or steel, and various mesh types are available too! They can be a great solution if you have a dog or vegetable garden, or just want to confine your flock to a designated area in your yard. You can even extend your run with easy-made or available portable chicken fencing to rotate your flock through your property. Call us to discuss! MyCosyCoop can design your run or fencing, and we’ll be happy to hear your plans and help you find the right setup for your backyard!

Chicken Coop Fences Melbourne

Finding the perfect solution to keep your chickens safe and happy is crucial for every poultry owner. Chicken coop fences Melbourne offer just that: a guarantee of security and ample space for your hens to frolic around. As urban backyard farming gains momentum, the emphasis on quality and safety in chicken enclosures becomes even more significant.

Many poultry enthusiasts often find it challenging to source the right chicken enclosure. When you Buy chicken pen Melbourne, you’re not just investing in a structure but also peace of mind. A robust pen ensures your chickens are protected from potential threats like predators and provides them with enough space to roam, play, and rest.

Chicken runs are an essential part of any poultry enclosure. These runs offer your chickens the freedom to explore while staying within the safety boundaries. Melbourne boasts a thriving community of backyard poultry keepers, and the demand for top-notch chicken runs reflects this. Investing in a high-quality chicken run ensures your chickens have a space to stretch their legs, scratch the ground, and indulge in their natural behaviors without any constraints.

To sum it up, when considering poultry housing options in Melbourne, remember to prioritize safety and comfort. Whether it’s the fences, the pens, or the runs, every element should cater to the needs of your chickens, ensuring they lead a happy and healthy life.