Cosy Farmyard Fence


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The Cosy Farmyard Fence is an ideal solution if you or your kids would love to spend time right in amongst your flock, while still having your feathered friends safely confined within the boundaries of a pen. Perfect for homeowners with a dog or a veggie garden, the fence offers an aesthetically pleasing and practical separation within your yard, and gives your favourite outdoor space a distinct farmyard vibe! Prices vary according to fence height, length and shape so please call us to discuss your needs!

Features include:

  • Sturdy in-ground posts set in concrete
  • An attractive access gate, painted to match your coop
  • Eco-friendly and rot-proof timbers, all finished with a natural oil
  • 50mm wire mesh providing great resistance to boisterous dogs or anything else you wish to keep out of your enclosure!


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