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Our Story

Chickens have been an integral part of our family life for many years now, and we couldn’t possibly imagine our garden without them. We simply love them. Every member of our flock has its own personality and unique way of interacting with others, both human and feathered, and they bring joy to our yard with their peaceful chatting and quirky, curious personalities. Visitors to our garden are forever delighted by them; children of all ages adore patting and cuddling them and watching them grow from tiny balls of fluff into clucky old ladies. Our garden clearly appreciates their presence too. Pests and creepy crawlies don’t stand a chance against our girls, and every flower, shrub and tree loves their daily fertilizing gifts!

Then, there’s the fresh eggs. Try to compare any supermarket egg to that laid by one of your hens.

In no time you will even be able to tell which egg is from which hen, and taste all the love that you have poured into raising her. They will abundantly repay you all that care and affection, and then some.

So, we combined our love for our chooks with a passion for creative living spaces, design and artisan construction. My Cosy Coop was born.

We’re a family business located in Heidelberg, Melbourne and we pride ourselves on building a range of eco-friendly garden products, chicken coops and chook runs in Melbourne which are not only functional and wonderful homes for your feathered friends, but are aesthetically designed to be an attractive addition to your home and garden. Whether you have a yard that’s suited to free-ranging your chooks, or you need the security of a fully-enclosed walk-in coop and run, our beautiful chook houses will hold their own centre-stage and will be a guaranteed talking point among your visitors.

We believe that a home for your hens should be sustainably built here in Oz 100%,and built to last. It should also look great in your yard, and be comfy and safe for your girls. Just how we’d love our very own homes to be, right?

Over time, we have refined our own chook house to be the best possible haven for our flock. It’s sufficiently roomy, ventilated, comfortable and designed to make cleaning a breeze. And it still looks superb, years on! We have an ongoing commitment to every one of our customers, and this motivates us to continuously develop and improve our cosy backyard cottages to make you and your feathered friends happier. We look forward to making your backyard hen house dreams a reality!

Choosing a Chicken Coop in Melbourne: Key Factors to Consider

Why Buy A Coop From Us?

My Cosy Coop aims to provide your backyard flock with the very best, most secure and comfy chicken coop you could wish for, at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. Our coops will be a highlight and feature in your garden, and look amazing for years to come. They are crafted from Australian timbers and are 100% Australian-made! Avoid the mistake of purchasing a cheap, perhaps foreign- made, poor-quality and treated timber chook house that will fall apart in a year. Do it right, the first time.

Each and every one of our artisan products is free from any dangerous chemicals or glues, and you can be sure that any paints, oils or stains used to protect and decorate them are water-based and non-toxic for you and your girls. They’re hand-crafted with care and with great attention to detail from the best locally available, eco-friendly reclaimed or recycled hardwood timbers.

The panels and doors on our coops are seriously solid; easily double the thickness typically found on the vast majority of coops on the market today. Why? Because we care about creating an all-Aussie product that will be a wonderful home for your flock or furry friend for years to come, and by using beautiful, reclaimed timber we can contribute in just a small way to helping our planet. Our products look great, and they’re built to last.

And what if our current range still doesn’t quite tick all the boxes for you? You’ll be pleased to know that all our products come with a bespoke build option to best meet your specific needs 100%!

My Cosy Coop products are durable, secure, beautiful and wonderfully COSY!

Fun Facts For Feathered Friends

But just before we start….Why can’t eggs tell jokes to each other? Because it cracks them up!

OK. There are way more chickens on earth than people…..25 billion!!

Chickens have feelings…Several studies have shown that chickens demonstrate negative emotions, like fear. But also they have positive emotions – happiness, not just the absence of a negative emotion. Empathy has also been demonstrated in chickens! (I’m hardly surprised!)

Chickens are pretty clued up… chicks grasp many fundamental things that human babies cannot understand until seven months or older!!Whoa!

Chickens can even recognize a surprising number of faces of people and animals…more than 100!

They also can taste saltiness…but not sweetness!

They have more bones in their necks than…giraffes!

Roosters habitually pick up and throw down food to alert hens to tasty morsels while making a special sound in the process. I think they’re actually saying ‘OK, ladies first please!”

Chickens have better color vision than humans, and can also distinguish violet and ultraviolet light.

And what about this..A mother hen turns her eggs about 50 times a day.

And then…Silkie chickens- bless them, do like to do things a little differently and like humans (and unlike all the other chickens) have five toes adorning each foot!

The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, and blue earlobes! What?!!