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Shipping & Delivery

Delivery and Installation Policy.....and some suggestions!

If you live in the Melbourne Metropolitan area, we will deliver your chicken coop, storage shed, letterbox or kennel to you at a flat rate of $80.00.

There are three different structural configurations that we offer when we deliver your coop and you need to choose one when you order, prior to build. This is so your coop can make the journey through any gates or laneways to its eventual location in your garden.

1. We generally need a clearance of 98cm wide and 160cm high to get your fully assembled chook house to where it is going. If you have this access width, then your coop can be left almost completely assembled from workshop to you, and all we need to do is slide in the nesting boxes and attach their roof, and secure the main roof panels.

2. In some cases where a narrow gate or lane is involved, but you have 85cm wide clearance, the coop can be just partially disassembled (roof off and side ceiling flares plus a few other sections of the structure) if we are advised of this PRIOR to build. There is a small $25 charge for this.

3. And for tricky, narrow entrances less than 85cm, your coop would be completely “flat-packed” into panels and assembled on-site, with an additional $80 panel fee charged.

As sheds come already disassembled, there are no panel fees for them.

If you do some basic site preparation before your coop arrives (level the ground, and use either tiles, bricks or gravel to support the feet of your coop) then this will speed up installation and the legs of your coop won’t rest directly on damp ground.

DIY Installation

If you have a few decent toolbox skills, you can decide to install your coop yourself. In this case, the coop will be left at the front gate of your place, and from there you (and your helpers) can move it to its spot and put the remaining pieces together!

Pick-Up Policy

At the time of order, you will be advised of the approximate date your chosen product will be ready for collection. We will also contact you a couple of days prior to commencement of build, so that you know this pick up date will be very soon, most likely within the week. If your circumstances have changed, or for any reason you cannot collect your order within 5 business days of it being ready, you need to tell us promptly. This is so we have the possibility to move onto the next order or prioritize urgent orders (like growing chickens taking over kitchens or laundries and needing to move out!) in a timely manner that’s fair for everyone. We can discuss with you the delay of the build, and agree on a date when you can arrange collection. Failure to communicate this to us just prior to build may result in storage costs to you or even possible cancellation of your order and loss of deposit.

Interstate Deliveries

As a rough guide, interstate delivery of a Petite or Regal model coop to your home in either Sydney or Adelaide starts from $370. Regional NSW starts at around $420 and Queensland at $550. Tasmanian customers freight costs start at around $300, and Western Australian shipments at $400. Prices may be more or less depending on the location, period requested and on coop size, as the larger coops will be disassembled into panels for transport, and will then require some extra assembly by you. If your coop requires panelling for shipping, the standard fee of $80 is applicable.

Return & Exchange Policy

Your Cosy Coop is hand crafted with the greatest of care and attention to detail. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, and we are unable to rectify the matter for you, a full refund will be given upon return of the undamaged product, so long as you have made every effort to maintain your coop in the advised manner.