Double Regal + “Dorothy”


Internal length of each coop: 1300mm
Internal Width of each coop: 1200mm

If you’ve been looking for a solution that will house 20 birds comfortably, then look no further! Our new Double Regal + “Dorothy” links two Regal+ sized coops via a tunnel. You effectively double the internal space and nesting box number whilst maintaining just one entrance door. This setup includes everything you need…windows, auto door kit and the tunnel. All you need are chooks!

Features of EACH coop include:

  • 3 sturdy and roomy nesting boxes
  • durable hardwood panels throughout
  • a huge rear clean-out door
  • attractive facade and decorative features
  • a 40mm x 40mm tempered glass viewing window located right opposite the window of the other coop. Your hens can peer right into the coop “next door”,  and the entire room is filled with natural light. You can admire your ladies going about their business without disturbing them. Great for kids!
  • channel ventilation under roof flares and at each end of the coop providing good air circulation
  • an automatic door  so you can enjoy the sleep-ins and peace of mind – your flock will be secure, locked in and let out even if you forget!
  • 2 full length ironwood perches
  • hardwood entry ramp
  • tough yellow-tongue flooring
  • 12mm sturdy paling roof to keep your girls high and dry, cosy and cool
  • attractively designed roof flares, adding extra internal ceiling room and roost space
  • option to fit roll-away nest boxes(add $115.00 each coop)
  • a  hand-carved chicken ornament on the front facade
  • a solid and secure tunnel (Height 450mm and Width 400mm ) joining the coops right next to the windows so your birds can move freely between the two living spaces
  • optional galvanised floor sheet ($110.00 each coop)
  • optional deep-litter modification (+$250 each coop)


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