Petite Coop “Beatrice II”


Internal length: 800mm
Internal width: 1200mm

This new-look Petite Coop (named affectionately after one of our favourite Belgian D’Uccle hens) offers an airy residence for your small flock. Along with all the great standard features of our chicken coops, it has a side shutter window with 10mm aviary mesh to maximize air circulation in the house. It is suitable for up to 5 birds, size dependant, and has a long diagonal perch and 2 or 3 nesting boxes.

Features include:

  • Sturdy drop-down, huge lockable front door, doubling as an entry ramp AND a clean-out door. Great if you need to position the coop hard up against a fence
  • Large side window with shutter and 10mm aviary wire
  • Long, diagonal perch
  • Choice of 2 or 3 nest boxes (additional $30 for 3rd box)
  • Generous eaves for added protection against the elements
  • Add an automatic door and a rear clean-out door (additional $185.00) and enjoy the sleep-ins and peace of mind that your flock is secure every night
  • Sturdy timber strut on the nesting box lid for two-handed cleaning and egg collection
  • Good clearance under coop for placement of a feeder or treadle/waterer
  • Decorative features on door, facade and nesting box
  • Handy hooks on the rear panel for broom, brushes etc.
  • Stylish handles throughout
  • Stylish rear vent reinforced with 10mm wire mesh
  • Tough yellow tongue flooring
  • 1.35m x 1.2m footprint
  • option to fit roll-away nest boxes (on request prior to build add $75.00)
  • optional galvanised floor sheet or poop tray ($95.00)
  • optional deep-litter modification (+$200)


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