XL Coop “Lilly”


Internal Coop Length: 1600mm
Internal Coop Width: 1200mm
Coop Height: 1700mm
Coop footprint: L 1840mm x W 1950mm

Welcome to the Regal of all our Regals!  Our new model XL “Lilly” is the pick for you if it’s a large size flock you are dreaming of. With plenty of perch, nesting and floor space for up to 16 birds, this coop comes with all you’ll need to make your girls the envy of the neighbourhood.

This feathered-friend dream home comes fitted with 4 nest boxes, 2 full length perches – one high one low- a  big clean-out door and a lateral manual side door.

It features a 6mm tempered glass viewing window, which lets natural light into the coop while keeping it cosy and draught free. With only our XXL Coop providing more internal space in our current range, this coop boasts generous floor space and nesting box dimensions. Instead of a skillion flat roof, it has our unique gabled roof design with attractive flares, providing even more wriggle room up top.

Features include:

  • Gabled roof with flares for bonus ceiling space
  • 4 large nesting boxes with lockable lift-up lid and convenient fold-away timber strut for easy, two-hands cleaning and egg collection
  •  Tempered glass viewing window so you can enjoy watching your hens go about their business on the inside, whilst not disturbing them. Great for kids! It also allows natural light to fill the coop.
  • Two full length, hardwood comfy perches at different heights for up to 16 chickens
  • Solid wall panels throughout and sturdy nest boxes
  • Ceiling channel vents and 2 stylish wall vents on opposite walls to maximize airflow. Finished with rattan cane webbing (if available) and 10mm wire mesh reinforcing.
  • Practical barrel-lock manual door with a cool look fastening system. For an extra $185.00, flip the entrance and window round, and have your coop fitted with an automatic door on the front panel. Bring on those weekend sleep-ins!
  • Hardwood entry ramp
  • Tough yellow-tongue flooring
  • Connecting ladder between the two perches to keep even the laziest of your girls happy!
  • Full-width hinged, rear door for quick and easy cleaning
  • Safe and secure latches to keep out unwanted guests
  • Stylish handle on nesting box
  • Generous eaves on all sides for extra protection against the elements
  • Ample headroom under the coop to position a feeder/treadle
  • Attractive facade ornamentation
  • Option to fit roll-away nest boxes (on request prior to build add $120.00)
  • optional galvanised floor sheet ($120.00)
  • optional deep-litter modification (+$260)



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