Petite Coop “Lina”


Internal Dimensions
L900mm x W600mm
Nest boxes 400mm x 300mm
Overall Coop Footprint 1600mm x 640mm

If space is your issue and you need a “slim-line” coop to fit in that narrow area of your yard, then our “Lina” is the one for you. This beautiful Petite coop has two nest boxes fitted at the rear and reduces the width by 40cm, as compared to our standard Petite coops. It has a slightly longer depth and a clean-out door of 80cm on your preferred side.

Features include:

  • Attractive facade and details throughout
  • Two comfy nest boxes located at the rear of the coop with lockable latch and hands-free lid strut to make collecting eggs and changing hay a breeze
  • “L” shaped perches at differing heights to please even the fussiest of birds
  • Thick paling roof to keep your flock warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • Attractive rattan mat rear window vent with wire mesh reinforcing
  • Tough yellow-tongue floor
  • Sturdy entry ramp
  • Hardwood paling walls to keep your girls secure
  • Stylish pulley system manual door
  • Attractive handle and secure barrel lock on clean-out door
  • Option to fit an automatic door($185) so your hens are locked in every night even if you forget, and so you can enjoy the sleep-ins!
  • Option to fit a 400mm x 400mm  tempered glass viewing window($50.00)
  • Option to fit roll-away nest boxes ($75.00)
  • Huge side clean-out door for easy access


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