No-Crow Coop “Chloe”


Internal length: 1300mm
Internal Width: 1150mm

If you need a coop that will house a large flock of hens and reduce crowing noise from your boy, then the  No-Crow Coop Chloe is the one for you. This particular coop is acoustically treated throughout to minimize your roo’s crowing being heard throughout your neighbourhood. It has a baffled air vent which promotes air flow but inhibits sound transmission. It comes fitted with 4 nest boxes, 2 full length perches- one high one low- a full length clean-out door and your choice of entrance door – automatic or manual. It features a 6mm tempered glass viewing window, which lets natural light into the coop while keeping it cosy and draught free.

The No-Crow Coop “Chloe” is ideally suited to a large sized backyard flock. This coop boasts generous floor space and nesting box dimensions

Features include:

  • 4 large nesting boxes with lockable lift-up lid and convenient fold-away timber strut for easy, two-hands cleaning and egg collection 
  • Tempered glass side window (pictured) for convenient viewing so as not to disturb your hens, and allow natural light to fill the coop
  • Rear baffled vent to facilitate air flow whilst inhibiting escaping crowing noise 
  • Two full length perches at different heights
  • Hardwood wall panels throughout and sturdy 12mm thick ply nest boxes
  • Handy hooks fitted on the back panel for brooms/brushes etc.
  • Pulley system manual door. For an extra $185.00 have your coop fitted with an automatic door with an open/close timer and enjoy the weekend sleep-ins!
  • Ironwood entry ramp
  • Tough yellow-tongue flooring
  • 12mm thick hardwood, sustainable timber wall panels and doors
  • Huge hinged side door for quick and easy cleaning
  • Safe and secure latches to keep out unwanted guests
  • Generous eaves on all sides for extra protection against the elements
  • Ample headroom under the coop to position a feeder/treadle
  • Attractive facade ornamentation
  • Option to fit roll-away nest boxes (on request prior to build add $125.00)


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