Cosy Treadle Chook Feeder


This galvanized steel treadle is a great way to ensure your birds have access to feed at all times, but your wild bird brigade and vermin don’t! Its sleek design makes it an attractive addition to any backyard chicken coop setup, and its weatherproof design ensures feed is kept dry whether its exposed to the elements or under your coop.

Features include:

  • Made from rust-proof galvanized coating
  • Solid construction and long lasting
  • 500 grams weight can open the lid
  • Keeps feed clean, fresh and dry!
  • Prevents little wild birds, rats and mice(weight below 500 g) stealing feed
  • Water proof, saves valuable feed from rain
  • Saves on feed costs, no more wasted or stolen feed
  • Coated in protective film just need to be removed and polished
  • Easy to assemble and low maintenance
  • Large capacity can hold up to 8.2L of feed
  • Suitable for most bantams
  • Material: Galvanized coating
  • Feed Capacity: 8.2L approx.
  • Size (approx.): 51 x 35 x19cm
  • Color: Silver
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